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The 8TH P of Marketing


Every marketing element should be focused on the service or product you're selling. Fundamentally, it allows you to address the questions key to sales conversion: how does the product solve the problem of your customers?


A pricing strategy should be based on what your customers are prepared to pay, retail markup, manufacturing costs, as well as other factors.


Successful marketing strategies include all the promotional activities across the marketing mix, including advertising, direct marketing, and in-store promotional activities.


How and where your product is displayed and sold should be determined directly by your customers.


Consider the packaging of your company, your product or service from the moment the customer makes contact with you through the entire purchasing process.


Positioning is the next P. Develop the habit of considering how you are positioned in your customers' hearts and minds. When you are not there, what do people think of you? What do they think of your company? What is your market positioning?


 Customer service increases sales and referrals, as well as your customer base. Your marketing efforts can also support your sales process if you can get these referrals from people who love your brand.


Hello pal,
Its really amazing to see you here..!!
I’m Mr. Prachaarak, the digital assistant of Prachaarwala, The 8th P of marketing. Grabbing this 8th P, our clients get solutions for the rest main core 7p’s of marketing mix.
We are involved in branding, advertising, digital marketing, distribution, sales, long term strategy formulation and product partnerships to profit calculations. We have clients from a range of diversified industries, who have partnered with us. Starting from our own agro manufacturing brand , we are now providing services to doctors and clinics,  travels and holiday companies, Insurance companies, Finance companies, interior experts, real state developers, bloggers, food hubs, architects and influencers.
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To be digitally vocal for Atmanirbhar bharat.


To be the most diversified online platform for branding and advertising, with sales support.

Prachaarwala - The 8th "P" of Marketing

A dynamic management with result oriented team and the vision of scaling local products & Services to global heights is working day and night for a self-reliant India (Atmanirbhar Bharat). We believe that everyone has the right to achieve great heights in the digital age.

"The longer you're not taking action the more money you are losing."

Carrie Wilkerson

Our goal is to serve you as best as we can

You’re now in safe hands when it comes to sky-rocketing your sales.

Social Media Marketing

Using social media, our team posts valuable content and creates engaging campaigns to build awareness and reach customers for you.

Web Development

We gather, organize, and edit all the information for your website creation, development, and design with our web designing team.

Search Engine Optimization

Our experts make sure your product stays on top of search engine results by knowing your audience and your keywords.

Why CHoose Us?

We are fully committed to elevating our clients to new heights.

Ex-employees of leading brands have teamed up with Prachaarwala to provide unmatched video experiences.

People who love words and enjoy playing around with concepts and themes join our team. Brainstorming is their hobby, and they are passionate about exploring new opportunities.

We strive to not only deliver excellence, but to serve our clients more like a partner, rather than simply purely a service provider, in terms of TAT (turn around time).

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